Skeptic News: Midlothian Community Health Partnership to look at homeopathy services

A REVIEW of homeopathy services is to be carried out in the Lothians.

Midlothian Community Health Partnership (CHP) will look at services across the region and referrals to the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

Patients attending homeopathy clinics in Lothian and interested parties will be given the opportunity to participate in a public consultation scheduled to take place over the summer. Skeptics should perhaps consider adding their weight to this consultation and raise concerns regarding the lack of evidence to support spending tax payers money on the “therapy”. We will update details of how to submit to the consultation when we receive them.

David Small, general manager of Midlothian CHP, said:

“We want to engage and involve all those who have an interest in these services. We have set up a stakeholder group made up of clinicians, patient and public representatives and staff to take this forward. As a responsible organisation it is important that we regularly review patient services and facilities to ensure they continue to reflect local needs and provide the best quality healthcare services possible.”

NHS Lothian provided the following information on the cost of homeopathic services to an earlier 21st Floor FOI request:

NHS Lothian cost of homeopathic services
Area 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08
Service level agreement with NHS Greater Glasgow 24909 25879 26193 26700 27322
St Johns Service 22390 23262 23544 24000 24560
Dalkeith Clinic inc Leith CTC 57980 53629 43867 61517 48680
Total 102987 92063 78751 112217 84803

The following figures for patients attending homeopathic services were provided:

NHS Lothian homeopathic patients
Year New patients Return Patients Total
2003/04 214 997 1211
2004/05 205 1257 1462
2005/06 295 1457 1752
2006/07 273 1806 2079
2007/08 144 1099 1243
Total 1131 6616 7747

Details of Scottish homeopathy spending can be found here.

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