Skeptic News: Cancer patient dies in Terrorists clinic

A woman, known only as Fatma, has died in a alternative health clinic run by prominent Islamic cleric who is also a wanted terrorist.

The woman was advised to undergo surgery and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. However when a family friend informed her father that Sheik Abdel-Mageed al-Zindani, a prominent cleric and wanted terrorist, was running a cancer program at his clinic, free of charge she decided to seek treatment there.

After a month of herbal remedies and alternative health treatments, Fatma’s health deteriorated to such an extent her mother decided to return to their regular doctor, only to be told the cancer had spread to all of Fatma’s organs, reported.

The woman’s father said he feels responsible for his daughter’s death and wishes he hadn’t put in faith in alternative medicine.

“If only I had listened to my doctor! Maybe she would still be with us,”

The Sheikh has been in hiding since President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued a warrant for his arrest earlier this year for his ties with al-Qaeda militants and features on the American Most Wanted Terrorist list. The Sheikh has previously surprised medical experts by claiming to have discovered a cure for AIDS.

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