Skeptic News: "Big Cat" remains found in North East

Are these the remains of a big cat found in the fishing village Cullen in the North East of Scotland?

The corpse was discovered by John Robertson, a builder aged 50, while he was out walking his two dogs with his wife.

Nearby were the bodies of half a dozen mauled and mangled seagulls that appear to have been the beasts last meal before it plummeted to it’s death over a cliff.

John estimated that the beasts tail was about 18 inches long and was shocked by it’s razor sharp teeth.

There have been a number of reported big cat sightings in Moray in the last few years. The latest was on April 16, when Portessie man Bill Paterson saw what he described as a cat-like animal as large as a Labrador, while walking his dog at Rathven Burn.

The corpse is now undergoing DNA tests to determine it’s species.


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