Holy Mother Church.

By Ed Cara

Let it never be said that the Catholic Church has a thing against women.

Like out of a horrible 90’s comedy starring Whoopie Goldberg, the Church earlier last month came out with a severe tongue lashing of their fellow sisters in god, The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, a U.S. based group representing Roman Catholic nuns across the States. Calling for a drastic overhaul, the Vatican took issue with the group:

protesting the Holy See’s actions regarding the question of women’s ordination and of a correct pastoral approach to homosexual persons.”

They were also rebuked for “promoting issues of social justice ” and not spending enough time on those problems that really hit home for Catholics in their day to day lives like, of course, gay marriage and abortion. What really grinded their gears though was the sheer brazenness of the feisty old nuns in holding “radically feminist” ideals as they occasionally but openly disagreed or challenged U.S. Bishops on several positions, such as their support of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. Big no-no since obviously the Bishops are “the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals.

Let’s be clear about something here; this isn’t even the Church yelling down the fevered protests of radical nuns who wanted free abortions for every 16 year-old teen girl in America or a gay couple in every TV screen, but an admonishment of the group for not focusing as much on degrading gays or women as their male counterparts have over the years.

The group has stayed mostly silent on those critical fronts*cough* in fact, not directly contradicting any of the Church’s teachings, and being content to work within their faith to help others without judgment while asking for their views and ideas to be given consideration by the supposedly enlightened chosen ones of God. A respectable position for anyone to hold, faith or not, which is probably why it was harshly torn apart by celibate men in robes, positively aghast at the thought of women even contemplating about being treated as equals in their community.

To be a good religious woman, it seems, you just need to learn to be quiet and listen to what the holy men tell you is right.

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