Skeptic News: Ayurvedic doctor penalised for killing with medicine

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) in India dismissed the appeals of a Mumbai based Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed a patient real medicine that resulted in their death.

Dr RR Singh was found guilty of medical negligence in the case of Panddurang Gamare  a resident of Mumbai, on 20 August 2004, who he informed that his illness was of serious nature and he may suffer a paralysis attack. After paying Rs2,700 for some tests and medicine, Mr Gamare was admitted in Dr Singh’s clinic but his condition soon deteriorated and despite this the patients repeated requests to call a doctor were ignored.

Dr Singh is accused of prescribing drugs like Betnesol, Decadron & Neurobion were without consultation with a qualified medical practitioner and admitting the patient to his clinic in such a serious condition.

He claims that the patient had a heart attack and contended that also argued that the Sessions Court had acquitted him for an offence under Section 304 part II, Indian Penal Code.  However this defence was rejected and Dr Singh was directed to pay a compensation of Rs7 lakh (approx £9,000).

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  1. Thanks for sharing the above article………at least through this blogs we come to know something……
    Nirmal Ayur LIfe

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