Skeptic News: ASA rules on Patrick Holford product

The company advertising Patrick Holford’s “Smart Kids Brain Boost” must stop making claims that it can result in improved mental or school performance until it can substantiate them, a South African Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling released today. The ASA states:

“The directorate is satisfied that the name ‘Smart Kit Brain Boost’ creates an expectation that this product will boost mental performance and/or abilities in children,”
“Clearly such an implied claim is capable of objective verification. However, as the respondent’s substantiation is not found adequate at this time, there is nothing before the directorate to show that the name is justified and reasonable.”

A number of complaints had been made to the ASA following website and radio advertisements.

According to the online advertising, the “best way to nourish your child’s brain to promote learning, memory and focus is to ensure they have an adequate intake of: phospholipids the ‘intelligent’ fats; Amino Acids build neurotransmitters that act as ‘chemical messengers’,” and “B vitamins that help to promote mental vitality”.

The radio commercial asked:

“Would you like your child to be top of the class?” and said the product contained “special phospholipids, B vitamins and amino acids that are vital for optimising the brain potential”.

The distributors, More to Life, submitted verification from Professor Frederick Veldman and said that, on recommendation from Veldman, it would amend its reference to “top of class” to “at the top of their own capacity/ability”.

The ASA is currently considering Veldmans evidence.

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  1. It seems things are getting a little more difficult for vitamin supplement peddles in South Africa. Pity it couldn’t happen sooner for a certain Mr Rath…

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