Bite Sized Bad Argument

By Les Ogilvie

Unfortunately (for me…possibly not for our readers!), I no longer get the time to contribute to the 21st Floor quite as much as I’d like.  However, I just had to swing by and drop this one for you.

The hilariously mis-titled “Evolution News” presents the worst argument for creationism since Comfort’s Banana! Behold!

“How come future events can be anticipated when they haven’t even happened yet? Therefore, God.”

Seriously, if you take the plunge and read the article, steel your brain for at least 400megaDerps of stupid.

The gist of the argument, for those not brave enough to expose themselves to its full potency, is this: the future hasn’t happened yet, therefore it cannot influence the present.  It follows that any success of a present attempt to anticipate future events is difficult to explain.  Yet, we (and other primates) can make decent attempts at anticipating future events.  Thus there must be an unknown way for the future to influence the present; so, similarly, it must be credible that there is an unknown way for a supernatural God to influence a natural universe.

I don’t really need to insult your intelligence by picking that one apart. I’ll just leave it open for comments…

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