Skeptic News: Police to examine Psychic evidence in McCann disappearance?

It has been reported that Police will review calls made to Crimestoppers claiming ‘supernatural’ knowledge of the Madeline McCann case.

Detectives from Scotland Yard are set to re-examine “information” provided in around a 100 such calls from members of the public who either dreamt about the case or claimed to be psychic. Scotland Yard will reportedly be given access to the calls and document all the information on a database to ensure no information is missed.

Skeptics of psychic ability will view this latest development with a mixture of scorn and disappointment but it seems to simply be a product of the Met being thorough and ensuring all the information provided to CrimeStoppers is catalogued and checked. There appears to be little to suggest that Scotland Yard will be taking information drawn from dreams or psychic premonitions any credence.

However the Madeline McCann case has attracted a great deal of attention from “psychics”. Last year Maureen Scott, a professional medium and psychic healer, from Swindon published a book detailing her claims that she had received telepathic messages from Madeleine and others. US TV show Haunting Evidence visited the Algarve in January in 2008 in what was described as a “sick stunt“.

It has now been five years since Madeline disappeared and a computer aged photo, of how police believe Madeline could look today, is attached to this post .

The McCanns hunt for answers about what happened to their daughter continues without the “help” of psychics.

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  1. Alex Wassall says:

    First let me say that the disappearance or abduction of any child is a tragedy, and every viable effort should be made to ensure the child’s safe return to his or her parents.

    What I do not understand is: “Around 230,000 missing children reports are made in the UK every year.” (Minister for Crime and Security James Brokenshire, 25 May 2011)

    “it is estimated 140,000 children go missing in the UK every year.” (Lady Catherine Meyer, of the charity Parents and Abducted Children Together (Pact) 25 May 2011)

    But I can’t think of a lost or abducted child, other than Madeline McCann, who as received the same level of international publicity, why is that?

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