Scientists discover the G Spot – or is the clitoris?

By Stephen Makin

Today scientists announced a new discovery that is a great advance in the history of humanity. Is it a cure for the common cold? The Higgs Boson?

No, it’s rarer than that. This is a truly earth shaking discovery (for at least for 50% of the population). It’s the G Spot.

This now a good time to point out that I am a male doctor doing clinical research into strokes – the G spot is at least 2 foot below my speciality..

So Prof Adam Ostrzenski dissected the anterior vagina of an 83 year-old woman he has found an anatomical structure which he believes it’s the G Spot. It’s in the same place as the area of vagina that is reported to swell during sexual stimulation. So case closed – a new part of the female anatomy has been discovered, we’d better re-write the textbook.

Or has it.

I am not entirely convinced. If the G Spot had been their all along why hadn’t it been described before? The first thing that stands out is that this was a study on just one patient, a deceased 83 year old woman. The vagina and surrounding area atrophy after the menopause, so you can’t be certain that these findings apply to younger women. The photographs  of the dissection weren’t clear enough for me to be clear exactly where this G spot actually was and what it was next to.

But if this isn’t the G Spot, what is it?

I began to do some reading around the area (no, not on that sort of website), but other research papers on the anatomy on the vagina, and I began to wonder if this G spot was a clitoris anyway.   The most radical research on this part of female anatomy  was done by Helen O’Connell, in 2005 she described the full anatomy of the clitoris. I was fortunate enough to be able to get this paper through our library, her photos of the dissections of younger women were much clearer than the dissections by Ostrzenski.  And oh boy! I had no idea. The clitoris is much much bigger than previously thought, it is extends deep into the body, it has different parts that go into different parts of the vagina. Looking at her diagrams it’s easy to see how one could stimulate the clitoris through the vagina.  In fact it’s pretty much in the same place where it Osterzenski seems to have found the G Spot. Could he just have found the other end of the clitoris?

G -Spot Augmention.

The author Prof Ostrzenski said he had no conflicts of interest. I see on his website that he makes his living as a ‘cosmetic gynaecologist’, offering procedures such as ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ and ‘labioplasty’. Worryingly he also offers to reconstruct hymens. The entire focus of this seems to be for women to make their vaginas more attractive to men – but wouldn’t it potentially ruin their sexual function?

I digress, Prof Ostrzenski  offeres a number of procedures, and one of the ones listened is a G spot augmentation.  Interestingly he doesn’t describe this procedure in detail, though he describes all other procedures, maybe he is intending to start offering this procedure once his article is published. But if he’s just done one study to describe the anatomy on one patient he seems to be a fair distance away from offering a treatment.

Maybe it’s because I’m researching strokes, a disease which kills, disables and devastes lives, but I can’t help asking: Why does this matter? Some woman prefer vaginal stimulation and some prefer clitoral stimulation, some prefer very different things, in the same way that different men prefer ‘s different types of things. What could possibily be the clinical application of this?

Perhaps it’s down to that old adage “sex sells”
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  1. K S Graffmo says:

    I read this article by Prof Adam Ostrzenski with some interest. As a Pathologist teaching at a Medical School knowledge in human anatomy is essential.

    The anatomy of the female genital tract is poorly understood and poorly taught to health professionals. Text books and anatomy atlases mirror rather obsololete knowledge which even might be misleading.

    Some ten years ago the Australian scientist and urological surgeon dr Helen O’Connell published some groundbreaking work about the anatomy and physiology of the female genital organs. The clitoris is appearently large organ mostly located inside.

    I agree with dr Makin that Prof Ostrzenski’s findings not are convincing. Most likely what he describes is a part of the clitoris. But of course there are more dollars in a specified “G-spot” which can be manipulated in various ways than there is in a part of an already existing organ.

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