Skeptic News: AIDS Kills Another AIDS Denier

By Lee Christie

AIDS (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a pandemic recognised by the World Health Organisation. There have been more than 46 million AIDS-related deaths since the disease was first recognised.

HIV/AIDS Denialism (HAD) is the rejection of either the existence of AIDS or HIV, or the denial that HIV causes AIDS. HIV/AIDS deniers have made claims such that AIDS is misidentified, or even a conspiracy, and that antiretroviral treatment for the disease is poison. Deniers who are unfortunate enough to be infected will tend to forgo treatment, which has led to many deaths. has a page which lists some deaths related to HIV/AIDS denial.

Maria Papagiannidou, author of the book “Goodbye AIDS! Did it ever exist?”, and ‘former’ AIDS patient, has become one of the latest victims of HIV/AIDS Denialism, passing away on 15th April. HIV/AIDS denial is not particularly widespread, at least in the developed world, but it is important to note that the dangerous and anti-scientific disinformation spread by Papagiannidou through her book, webpages, and TV appearances, may be responsible for the deaths of others.

AIDS kills, and AIDS denial kills. One can hope that Maria’s fans and followers will view this as a wake-up call, and not choose to bury their heads deeper in denial.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: AIDS Kills Another AIDS Denier

  1. Sadly, there are some parts of the world where this form of denialism is very common. In Ghana it’s the official government line, and standard treatments are also rejected. The problem is that once such an idea gets entrenched within a social group – either one based on geography or one based on selected contact due to shared beliefs (e.g. a church or an extended group of friends who distrust ‘Big Pharma’), alternative views rarely reach that group and it’s extremely difficult to ensure they get a fair hearing. We need to improve our communications strategies to challenge the understandable appeal of optimistic but dangerous myths like this.

  2. Stefanos says:

    Also, she had been awarded a “Woman of the year” sometime recently. Because of her relentless “struggle” against the “status quo”, the “big pharma” etc.. (Against reality more likely)

  3. Greg Baysans says:

    If there were definitive proof for the “HIV causes AIDS” myth more than there are large and unanswered questions, “denialism” wouldn’t exist.

    In my opinion, the denialists have it more right than wrong and mainstream science has built a lot of corroborating “proof” on very dubious initial “papers” (such as the complete farce that is anything with Dr. Robert Gallo’s name on it).

    The fact that Ms. Papagiannidou has died is not proof of the incorrectness of her beliefs. If death proved the incorrectness of one’s beliefs, there would be no such farce as religion.

  4. Eddie Vodka says:

    Lee, it’s amazing how those who espouse to Atheism fall deep into the religious paradigm of HIV Theorism. Your slick piece of “AIDS” Denial above against Maria Papagiannidou is of no surprise.

    Since most people don’t know you, let us make up slanderous blogs and rant your name all over the internet and let’s for the sake of argument just assume that you are following the U.S. Center’s for Disease Control’s guidelines and you’re taking your Atripla or AZT PrEP regimen as recommended.

    Hopefully by the time we have pulled every name from the quilt of Iatrogenocide, The AIDS Industry will have your name listed as a DEAD ARV patient!

    Before you go making claims about who’s a denier, think long and hard about your own “HIV” denial and the dark legacy of Robert Gallo.

  5. Lee Christie says:

    Well I’m sorry if you don’t like it. I’m not an expert, I’m only reporting the scientific consensus. I’m hardly the first blogger to report on this case, nor is this the most harshly-worded blog about it.

  6. Richard says:

    @Greg: your initial assertion is profoundly flawed. People deny that the Earth is round, or that it orbits the sun, but there is plenty of definitive evidence to back up both of those claims (or would you disagree?). If only it were as simple as you suggest.

    Do you think that the thousands of papers supporting the HIV-AIDS link since the 80s rely on the few initial papers by Gallo so much that, if Gallo’s research were flawed, they would all be incorrect too? Really?

  7. Dear Eddie

    Your unsubstantiated statements can kill. ARV keeps the HIV+ people I know alive and in good health. Instead of spewing paranoid and defamatory rants about the companies that developed and sell this lifesaving medication, try instead getting angry at those who are trying to stop cheaper, generic versions of these drugs being available in poor countries, where AIDS is often rampant.

    Frequently it’s the same companies. But at least your anger would be directed at them for a genuine and perfectly defensible reason.

  8. Eddie Vodka says:

    @ Richard so by your conclusions would you be pressed to say that Galileo was a dissident or a denialist by new age definition?

    Gallo? isn’t he old news according to orthodox “AIDS Experts”/Denialists (cough).

    @Teapot This a typical response from HIV Theorists and ARV denialists, but a simple look at the Drugs Black Box WARNINGS show that they are life threatening and do kill. I have to go into utter face palm for your lack of knowledge and ARV Denial.

  9. Eddie Vodka says:

    Lee, Scientific Consensus? There are two sides to every coin. The Scientifc Consensus is set up as a series of Myths & Facts without providing the alternative view. That’s not science.

    I bet you haven’t a single clue about Maria Papagiannidou, you just began writing away the “denialist” bandwagon..

  10. Lee Christie says:

    Perhaps you can link some peer reviewed scientific literature which provides the alternate view, Eddie?

    And was there a particular detail about Maria Papagiannidou that you feel this article is lacking which would have put things in to a diferent perspective?

  11. “@ Richard so by your conclusions would you be pressed to say that Galileo was a dissident or a denialist by new age definition?”

    Galileo was up against the catholic church, not the scientific establishment. You may want to look here:

    “Gallo? isn’t he old news according to orthodox “AIDS Experts”/Denialists (cough).”
    I only mentioned him because Greg did.

  12. Stefanos says:

    She actively. vocally,unequivocally and without any possibility of discussing it, supported that the disease -however it was defined in her overall theory- affects only homosexual people and drug addicts.
    In her website she had been calling for “Just ONE real example of a heterosexual non-addict that has contracted AIDS through regular intercourse with a female”. Of course there had been numerous answers and personal examples, but her usual response would be
    “no you are lying, you cant get it from heterosexual intercourse, you are either a junkie or a homosexual”.

    I dont want to get into the whole discussion about whether it exists or not (scientific evidence is ample, if you are not “persuaded”, I wont ever be able to) but dont the aforementioned issues seem a bit..well..wrong? to anybody? even to the visitors here who disagree with the scientific establishment?

  13. Alex Wassall says:

    Anyone else notice how some comments are quick to take issue with the facts as presented above; responding repeatedly and at length to any who engage them with lots of technical jargon?

    Yet when the author asks (very nicely I might add) for links to corroborating evidence, no further comments from those individuals materialize?

    Could this be an indication of the validity of the original comments?

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