Edinburgh SciScreen: Guest Speakers Wanted

By Hannah Little

The SciScreen series has been running for a good number of years in collaboration with the Edinburgh Filmhouse, and has been a regular feature in the programme from the Edinburgh & SE Scotland Branch of the British Science Association.

SciScreen offers an opportunity for academics to present an aspect of their work and experience to a public audience in a relaxed environment. Taking place at the Filmhouse on Lothian Road, the premise of SciScreen is a short introductory presentation of about ten minutes on a particular topic inspired by a film that is then shown. After the film, there is a question and answer session with the guest speaker on the topic presented and viewed. Discussions can then be taken into the bar.

Sound interesting? There is currently a call out for guest speakers from the Edinburgh area for the forthcoming programme. If you are interested or know someone who might be, then please contact the Einburgh Branch of the British Science Association indicating the chosen topic.

The presentation should be pitched towards an undergraduate entry level; technical aspects can then be explored in response to questions after the film. A regular slot is aimed for on the first Monday evening of each month, starting around 6pm. The programme operates with a tight budget whereby the BSA can cover nominal travel expenses but no payment for speaking, hence the desirability for local volunteers.

The film selection shall be agreed jointly by the guest speaker, Filmhouse and the Branch with reference to the Internet Movie Database.

The next SciScreen is on April 16th at 17.45. The film is “A Night to Remember” and the topic of the talk, given by Tom Stevenson, is the Titanic and the role of communication technologies used in the disaster.

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