QED 2012: Live blog

So this year I have ventured down to Manchester for the QED conference ;and have decided to liveblog happenings from the conference live from the floor. This page will update and you can follow the action on either my twitter (@endless_psych) or the sites official twitter (@the21stfloor).

The conference is the biggest single skeptical event in the UK and has some fantastic speakers, panels and events.

Including the ;inaugural ;Skeptics Magazine awards.

If you have something to add to the liveblog you can tweet me and I’ll pop it up on here.

Monday 10.46 – Finally home. I can solve the Kindle Mystery. It appears to be in my bag :S

Sunday 12.42 – Fear not folks @Harrison_Peter is taking on the atheists nightmare “THE BANNANA” #QEDcon

Sunday 12.25 – Skeptics will be tucking into lunch about now

Sunday 12.09 – Some skeptics off too critical mass.

Sunday 11.28 – Ian Ridpath in danger of giving away Scotland’s great secret – Irn Bru is the aliens power source… #QEDcon

Sunday 11.26 – It really isn’t CGI is it…

Sunday 11.25 – klaatu barada nikto

Sunday 11.21 – Flying saucers term born out of a misconception

Sunday 11.19 – @dolmiogrin: Standing room only at the god panel. #qedcon

Sunday 11.18 – Ian Ridpath on the main stage

Sunday 11.02 – Edzard Ernst gets so much applause there is no QED

Sunday 10.58 – Quacks and the establishment colluding to silence critics. Shocking.

Sunday 10.56 – @Dalradian: Using Alt med to treat asthma would help save money, as dead people aren’t a drain on nhs funds #qedcon

Sunday 10.51 – The Smallwood report…

Sunday 10.47 – @xtaldave: I’ll just put this here… http://t.co/vnSjD3NS #QEDcon

Sunday 10.46 – @Tannice_: Never mind a review of spiritual healing, @EdzardErnst! When are you going to look into Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing claims!? #QEDcon

Sunday 10.43 – A cherry picking analogy now @woollymammoth one @edskeptics was better though… Mmm tarts…

Sunday 10.39 – @BENWARSOP: Two real wake-up calls for Skeptics at #QEDcon Edzard Ernst today and Ophelia Benson yesterday.

Sunday 10.33 – @EmmaJaynewithaY: Discovering new Alt Med madness in Edzard Ernst’s talk; for example, ‘singing for snoring’ o_O! #qedcon

Sunday 10.32 – @dronegc: Come on, people of #QEDcon using comic sans isn’t a crime.

Sunday 10.23 – @svenrudloff: #qedcon I think the key issue we disagree with Edzard Ernstvis are his typographical choices. #comicsans

Sunday 10.29 – Edzard showing skeptics which alternative health treatments work for which conditions

Sunday 10.24 – Pay attention Burzynksi, Ernst is a truly prodigious academic…

Sunday 10.21 – @epicmacphail: #qedcon anybody made a “homeopathic doses of sleep” joke yet?

Sunday 10.18 – Apparently comic sans has made it’s first appearance…

Sunday 10.17 – “Good morning fellow homeopaths” Edzard Ernst opens the second day of QED

Sunday 10.16 – @java7nerd: 1:07am nerds dance to Frank Turner’s “Glory Hallelujah” before getting kicked out and head off to find karaoke

Saturday 22.13 – Signing off for the night to protect the blushes of drunken skeptics…

Saturday 22.12 – congrats to Robin well deserved win

Saturday 21.27 – Robin Ince wins

Saturday 21.09 – Best event up now

Saturday 21.07 – Pod Delusion have won best podcast.

Saturday 21.06 – Podcast up now

Saturday 21.04 – Congrats to all the skepchicks. Welldone

Saturday 21.03 – DJ Grothe revealing the winner… Skepchick

Saturday 21.02 – Blog awards up now

Saturday 21.01 – Best science video is on the placebo effect

Saturday 21.00 – Best Dalek up next… Oh no wait best science video

Saturday 20.58 – Storm wins best skeptical video. Well done to Tim Minchin, DC Turner and Tracy King

Saturday 20.57 – Mike Hutchinson wins Editors choice.

Saturday 20.50 – the awards proper have began

Saturday 20.48 – the rude illusions are on display

Saturday 20.46 – Ockhams logo on screen

Saturday 20.45 – THREE OF CLUBS

Saturday 20.44 – Richard Wiseman takes to the stage to launch the inaugural skeptics awards

Saturday 20.35 – Awards are coming soon… Who has won?

Saturday 16.25 – @corkskeptics: “Skeptical activism should not only be done, it should be SEEN and HEARD to be done” – Richard Saunders

Saturday 16.23 – Here is the Edinburgh woo sign from Richard Saunders talk around comic relief time (unintentionally funny sign) http://www.thetwentyfirstfloor.com/?p=75

Saturday 15.29 – @BENWARSOP: Woo hoo! We all have the powers of Mummified Egg Girl! #QEDcon

Saturday 15.26 – @PencilBloke: #QEDcon “Unlikely psychics… they think they have powers which nobody has found any need for”.

Saturday 15.20 – Massimos talk is very good thus far

Saturday 15.00 – interesting discussion on role of different types of organisations in Skepticism in activism and outreach there on twitter and on the panel

Saturday 14.54 – Slight mention of Marc Stephens affair from Simon Singh.

Saturday 14.47 – Grassroots engagement plans forming. If any organisers or skeptivists interested I think we should have a meet in the bar later?

Saturday 14.37 – “we should professionalise our endeavours to compete with our cultural competitors” @DJGrothe

Saturday 14.34 – @kashfarooq: “Hoover the talking seal is better than Jesus” – @Therematrix #QEDCon

Saturday 14.27 – Lots of people tweeting on the smart phones, iPads an laptops they’ve brought to QED in amazement about extremely retro-tech

Saturday 14.22 – @Tannice_: Solicitor at Skeptics Beyond the Pub recommends looking at ‘Early Resolution’ website if accused of libel #QEDcon http://t.co/KYXsjnIV

Saturday 14.18 – Many people clearly enrapt by Sarah Anglis talk judging by the #qedcon hashtag

Saturday 14.17 – What counts as skeptical outreach? Blogging? Podcasting? Events?

Saturday 14.14 – How well do people think the JREF support grassroots skepticism? Perhaps better in the US than UK?

Saturday 14.09 – Waiting for tech gremlins to be ironed out at Skeptics beyond the pub.

Saturday 13.24 – Ophellia Benson in the main room talking about religion and Wiseman, French and co above on psychics

Saturday 12.10 – Lunch now. A great morning thus far.

Saturday 11.58 – Lot of psychologists at QED a bit annoyed by panel discussion it seems. We may rise up!

Saturday 11.51 – sounds like the science and skepticism panel is somewhat contentious… If you are a medic or psychologist at least…

Saturday 11.32 – David Aaranovitch is taking us down the conspiracy rabbit hole via the spectrum of horniness

Saturday 11.24 – If we didn’t have stupidity to debunk what would we do as skeptics?

Saturday 11.22 – We could tell you more about this talk on conspiracy theories but then we would have to kill you (@Dalaradian)

Saturday 11.20 – @Richardwiseman giving nothing away about awards winners…

Saturday 11.19 – in just in time for David Aaronovitch

Saturday 11.00 – Cryptobotany coined as a term live at QED

Saturday 10.57 – Skeptical readers of live blog doubt I am talking to evolution

Saturday 10.42 – Women more like chimps than men says evolution.

Saturday 10.52 – “Anyone on a raw food diet should be dead in six months”

Saturday 10.48 – Paranormal Investigations Group Sussex (PIGS) an investigative team run by ex-policemen…

Saturday 10.43 – we are explaining Hayley’s hair. It’s easier to explain than Rhys…

Saturday 10.40 – There are big cats in Wiltshire according to @hayleystevens (in Longleat Safari park)

Saturday 10.36 – Hot Beaver action with Jo Nickell… (as an explanation for lake monsters)

Saturday 10.31 – No folk dancing or incest at Steve Jones talk @jo_hockey disappointed

Saturday 10.30 – QED Elevatorgate: there is no floor 13!!!

Saturday 10.26 – “Evolution is genetics plus time” says Steve Jones debunking creationists.

Saturday 10.24 – Apparently the Scandinavian countries have highest rates of belief in evolution.

Saturday 10.22 – Werewolves – big in France

Saturday 10.21 – Jo Nickell invoking Occams razor in the cryptozoology

Saturday 10.00 – Great opening talk for QEDcon

Saturday 09.58 – Wolves are people too!!!

Saturday 09.44 – Deborah Hyde has Spice Girls and Buble albums…

Saturday 09.39 – “The Domincans wielded their heresy hammer”

Saturday 09.34 – The roots of werewolf mythology being extreme mental illness?

Saturday 09.30 – A few attendees fancy being changed into were-hamsters…

Saturday 10th 09.27 – Jourdemayne (Deborah Hyde) talking about Werewolves. I wish I was a werewolf.

Saturday 10th 09.18 – Fire safety. I’m tweeting. Grab me or I will burn.

Saturday 10th 09.14 – Andy Wilson opening the conference. Scots louder than the Welsh…

Saturday 10th 09.00 – It should be time to start.

Saturday 10th 08.59 – Yes there is a Dalek.

Saturday 10th 08.40 – There is a Dalek. A DALEK!!!

Saturday 10th 08.13 – We have become aware of the waking of the kraken… Or @rhysmorgan

Saturday 10th 07.53 – Good morning QED types sleep well?

Saturday 10th 00.43 – Hostel crew back to sleep. Good night John Boy

Friday 9th 23.26 – Also in the hotel this evening: the Hulme High School formal.

Friday 9th 20.59 – Just been down to see the Evangelical picket of QED

Friday 9th 20.24 – We are all in the process of being registered. Now everyone I have argued with on the Internet will know who I am!

Friday 9th 19.04 – oh sorry it’s just Rhys

Friday 9th 19.03 – just saw Laurie Penny!

Friday 9th 18.35 – Newcastle Skeptics organiser in trouser shortage shock!

Friday 9th 18.32 – So many skeptics…

Friday 9th 18.28 – we fear there may be an interloper at QED. @blithelyob …

Friday 9th 17.37 – We are now skeptical that Delingpole is Delingpole on twitter.

Friday 9th 17.04 – James Delingpole wonders if we are “skeptical” of climate change…

Friday 9th 16.53 – in the hotel bar with many more skeptical types. Hot laptop and business card action a go go!

Friday 9th 15.10 – The Morgans are on the way! Beware Manchester! BEWARE!

Friday 9th 14.00 – We hear @Hayleystevens who has arrived (she hasn’t officially arrived until she gets to the Tweetup)

Friday 9th 13.52 QED tweet up at MOSI feat. @skepticzone @the_crazy_dwarf @kash_farooq and others.

Friday 10.04 – You can add a QED twibbon via here http://twibbon.com/join/QEDcon

Friday 9th 09.53 – Oh and morning. It’s raining. 3CR were not meteorologists.

Friday 9th 09.52 – @xtalDave has posted his visage on twitter and askesays all to say hi

Friday 9th 02:54 – bedtime, tweet up tomorrow! Looking forward to it.

Friday 9th 00:00 – QED is tomorrow! Let us know if your travelling up today and who you are excited to see!

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  1. Recognised Hayley from twitter and heard the “Skeptical of climate change” sentence, so came over an said hello to her. Didn’t recognise anyone else and you all looked deep in conversation, so left you to it!

  2. No worries plenty of time to say hello 🙂

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