BrightClub Social

BrightClub, the thinking person’s variety night, needs you! Come and meet us for a pint and a chat about how you can get involved. The social will be held in the Common Rooms on Byres road from 5.30pm.

BrightClub is a night where researchers present their work as stand-up comedy. This started in London and is now springing up all over the country. There are a small team of us organising them at Glasgow University, and our first three nights have sold out – we have now been offered a regular slot at the Stand.

If you are a researcher, and have toyed with the idea of doing comedy (or even if you haven’t!), this is an ideal way to give it a go. No experience is necessary – we can provide some training, and our audiences are very supportive. It’s also a fun way of getting Public Engagment Brownie Points.

If you don’t fancy performing, we’re also looking for people to help organise the nights in various roles.

Hope to see you there!

You can see the sorts of things that BrightClub Glasgow get up to on their YouTube channel and get more details from their Facebook page. You can also follow BrightClub Edinburgh on twitter.

Bright Club Glasgow is also seeking volunteers for their Edinburgh International Science festival shows. You can sign up for that here. As they say:

Maybe you are contemplating doing stand-up with us, but thinking that you don’t have anything funny to say.

Firstly, that is not a problem – nobody does research that isn’t funny when viewed from certain angles

…and secondly, here is an opportunity to feel what it’s like being on stage, making people laugh but without the need to think of jokes. Someone has done the funny research for you. The Edinburgh Skeptics are looking for fifeteen volunteers from Edinburgh to give a dramatic reading of an Ignobel prize winning paper. Contact them via their website.

Then, once you’ve enjoyed that, sign up with us BrightClub Edinburgh

You can find BrightClub Edinburgh on Facebook and Twitter also.

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