Skeptics on the Fringe: Hey skeptics can you spare a dime?

By Keir Liddle

We are around six months away from the start of Skeptics on the Fringe 2012 and things behind the scenes are progressing well. We have arranged what I think is a diverse and special lineup of speakers on matters both scientific and skeptical…

No I can’t tell you who just yet…

Last year we presented a mix of well known skeptical figures alongside a number of grassroots and lesser known speakers and our wee venue was packed almost every night. Speakers such as Richard Wiseman, Chris French, Mike Marshall rubbed shoulders with academics like Shona Hilton and Dorothy Crawford as well as comedians like Iszi Lawrence and the Festival of the Spoken Nerd.

We also ran two special shows at the Royal Observatory and a number of free walking tours of Edinburgh showcasing the history of the Scottish Enlightenment and busting some myths about the ghosts of Edinburgh.

Audience members from all over the world came to our wee corner of the Edinburgh International Fringe and were entertained and education by an excellent lineup of speakers discussing everything from maths to mental health, gender issues to evidence based masturbation.

We have been nominated for an inaugural Ockham for last years endeavours and this has spurred us on to make the third Skeptics on the Fringe the best yet.

But an impressive lineup brings with it new and special challenges for Edinburgh Skeptics. In order to put on three weeks of skeptical engagement events in the past two years we have dug deep into our own pockets and were lucky enough last year to be sponsored by Richard Wisemans Paranormality.

This year we have been seeking funding and sp0nsorship for the events and are exploring a number of avenues.  Alongside these we are also exploring crowd sourced funding as a means of raising much need funds to cover expenses and promotion. Skeptics on the Fringe makes no one any money, there are no profits, it is a true labour of love for those who want to bring skepticism and science to the public with as low barrier to entry as possible. Every penny we receive in funding before the fringe or from the donation buckets after the shows goes towards upgrading equipment, promoting speakers and paying for travel.

If anyone wants to help support Skeptics on the Fringe (possibly the longest grassroots skeptical engagement event in the world) they can do so by using the paypal donate button below:

As a certain supermarket says “Every Little Helps”.

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