21st Floor Shortlisted for 2011 Skeptic Awards

Today has been an amazing day for all of us at the Twenty-first Floor as the shortlist for the inaugural Skeptic magazine awards was announced.

We have made the shortlist alongside some amazing blogging talent:


Men Make a Tiger
Science, Reason & Critical Thinking

I have to say to be mentioned alongside such giants as PZ Myers, the Skepchicks and Crispian Jago of Science, Reason and Critical thinking fame is pretty humbling and it was fantastic to be introduced to the Men Make a Tiger blog. All in all it’s some pretty stiff competition and we are truly honoured and humbled to be simply mentioned alongside  such great blogs.

So myself and Les would like to thank all our writers and contributors in 2011 for making this happen and all our readers, regular and occasional, who took the time to nominate us. We in no way expect to be in the running to win the thing in such high company but being nominated has made our day and inspired us to continue to develop and grow in line with our core values of promoting science and skepticism, and promoting integration, engagement and collaboration across the scientific and skeptical communities.

We also note that a wee festival that Keir has been involved with also received a nomination in the events category again alongside some impressive names:

Robin Ince with Uncaged Monkeys, Nine Lessons … and Infinite Monkey Cage
Skeptics on the Fringe
The Nightingale Collaboration

So it is fair to say he is doubly excited!

Again thanks to everyone readers and writers for making this happen.


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0 Responses to 21st Floor Shortlisted for 2011 Skeptic Awards

  1. dalradian says:

    It is all very exciting!

  2. Ash Pryce says:

    And combined with the speaker confirmations we had today for SOTF I think I may have to go and lie down.

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