Rhys Morgan Exposed! The return of Marc Stephens?

By Keir Liddle

Rhys Morgan, plucky 17 year old skeptivist, has been getting a lot of attention of late but not all of it has been positive a YouTube channel recently appeared entitled “SKEPTICSExposed” which concentrates solely on Rhys and his efforts in debunking the activities of the Burzynski clinic.

One video is a master class in utterly irrelevant “whataboutery” which links Rhys exposing the Miracle Mineral Solution as harmful bleach with the fact that ethanol, which is as I’m sure we all know the principle component of alcohol can be used as a fuel. Far asides from the fact that drinking alcohol can be harmful doesn’t mean that drinking bleach somehow becomes safe or that Rhys claims are invalid. But the reason that alcohol was brought up in the first place? Was this the work of a master rhetorician?

Well no it appears this has been brought up because a photo Rhys posed for in the Guardian had some visible alcohol in the background. A link so specious and spurious it’s ridiculous and laughable that someone thought it even resembled anything approaching a cogent or logical argument.

Other videos attack Rhys, and Andy Lewis of Quackometer, for mentioning campaigns of those seeking treatment at Burzynskis clinic and calls this appalling and disgusting. Assertions made with little or no evidence provided to back them up.

However what really interests me is this video and the “evidence” presented therein… It makes reference to the fact that Marc Stephens sent Rhys a map of his home by showing that Rhys had added a location to his tweets (which shows how Stephens may have accessed the information but in no way justifies his misuse of this info). It also claims that Rhys has been coached in how to “defame” by the JREF by linking the award Rhys received from James Randi to the JREF’s educational programs to promote critical thinking and reason. Missing that none of these programs have, to date, taken place in the UK.

The video then goes on to try and link Rhys to the identity fraud of James Randis longtime partner in exactly the same way that Marc Stephens did in emails to Popehat and even using the same images. Which does make me wonder if SKEPTICSExposed might be down to the infamous Marc Stephens. Particularly as, like the red arrow letter before, these videos don’t attempt to address any of the arguments made by Rhys  and others.

Rather they attempt to points us in a completely different direction, spin us around, pin a tail on us and try to convince us the author doesn’t think we are all an ass.

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0 Responses to Rhys Morgan Exposed! The return of Marc Stephens?

  1. It’s pretty telling when Burzynski drones are so scared they feel they need to smear a 17 year old. A 17 year old who’s a damn site smarter and more mature than they are, but a minor nevertheless.

  2. Adam C. says:

    There is something horribly wrong with the person who made that. Gleeful depictions of baby Rhys drinking in that video, with implications of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? What the hell? That video looks like something a serial killer would have made about his victim in a horror movie.

  3. K says:

    Errr… correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Rhys live at home with his parents? So it’s unlikely to even be his booze (not that their arguments weren’t already ridiculous).

  4. Lesmond says:

    The popehat exchange is gold; SOLID gold. I hope Marc sticks around, just for the entertainment value. What rambling, incoherent theory will he come up with next!
    He’s a brainless trumpet of the highest order. It’s like the whole Mabus thing again, but this time it’s funny.

    The identity fraud connection is more bizarre and hilarious than I could ever have imagined.

  5. Marianne says:

    Haha, K, you haven’t met Rhys have you 😉

    [Disclaimer: Rhys Morgan is not, to my reasonably extensive knowledge, an alcoholic – he’s a teenager. Go figure!]

  6. Paul Morgan says:

    Oi! That’s MY booze!!!!!! Rhys isn’t getting any of it….

  7. K says:

    I haven’t yet had the pleasure 🙂

    @Paul Morgan
    You’d better tell the crazies! They have TEH PROOFS that he is DRINKIN ALL UR BOOZE.

    Based on their whole “see something in a photo and make something up about it” approach, I’m planning to make a video claiming that Rhys eats lilies for breakfast and wears the vase on his head- thus rendering all his scientific arguments FALSE


  8. Andy says:

    In an email to KEn @ popehat, Stephens allegedly wrote “When little teenagers, in the streets of LA, are constantly seen hanging around gang members, they are immediately assumed to be apart of that membership until further investigation, correct?”

    In the Youtube video, the author writes…”Was it apart of a plan?”

    [my bolding in both cases]

    That misuse of the word “apart” in place of “a part” is odd. But I shall draw no conclusions from the coincidence.

  9. The video has “apart” for “a part” not once but twice (or maybe even more; I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing).

    I couldn’t possibly comment.

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