Pop-Watch update

In which I finally become convinced Peter is just screwing with me…

By Ash Pryce

I’ve already written about my dealings with Peter Popoff and his offers of the gifts of salvation, debt relief and health improvement which usually require me to send him  ever increasing amount of money. Well today I received another letter and gifts included. And I am now convinced he is just screwing with me.

In this package I received the following:

• A letter informing me that I should apply an ancient Bible secret to release supernatural power.
• A gold effect fabric “financial freedom wallet”
• A white envelope entitled “Secret Healing Touch” that I should not open just yet.
• A long letter explaining my worst enemy is Satan, usual Bible verses and preaching about divine miracles and ending with another request for money.

Let’s address each one in turn shall we.

First the letter regarding the Bible Secret. The letter contains several testimonials form people who have supposedly come in to money after their dealings with Popoff, money ranging from $87 to $13,000. Now as previously discussed such testimonials are worthless as evidence, especially as there is no way to know if their dealings with Popoff had any effect whatsoever on their fortunes.

Much of the rest of the letter talks about me making a vow to God and that what I focus on becomes a reality- it all sounds rather too much like “The Secret” to me and it’s nonsense ideas on the Law of Attraction (Not to be confused with the scientific Laws of Attraction)

As for the wallet, the gold effect wallet, according to the long letter I am supposed to place the wallet in my Bible at 1 Corinthians 12:9 for 3 days. For those unaware of the passage:

“to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit,”.

Well. Yeah. Precisely…

I am then to send the gold wallet back to Popoff.  I am also required to include some money. Remember before how I was shocked that Popoff had suggested I send him £75? Clearly that doesn’t do me enough good, because now he wants £150. Yes, you read that right. £150.If I do this it will help toward my “2 weeks of Miracle[s]”.

I understand how this works, Richard Wiseman talks bout something similar in his books. Particularly that it is easier to get someone to make a big change or sacrifice if you build it up in increments. Asking people if they’d be willing to have a giant sign in their garden they are likely to say no, but start with a small sign they are happy and slowly increase the size of the sign and again they are happy to do so. The same principle is in effect here. Popoff started out by asking me of £20, this then increased over time until we are currently at £150. If people have already paid him (by my calculations) around £140 through previous letters they may be more willing to give him £150 now then if he’d straight away asked for it.

Again, reading the entire package there is a suggestion that if I pay him money, he will pray for miracles that will in turn pay out in my favour to the tune of thousands, a pretty sweet deal, if it wasn’t complete nonsense.

Once I’ve sent back my money and gold wallet (which I am not going to do by the way) then, and only then, can I open the other sealed white envelope.

What’s in it I hear you ask? The envelope entitled “Secret Healing Tough”? Well possible the most bizarre present yet.

A plastic glove, similar to those that come with peroxide kits and haemorrhoid creams.

I am supposed to place it on my right hand and touch myself where it hurts and send it back to him in 48 hours. Of course, he has to write it in a way that is brimming over with innuendos…

“Ash, in Jesus’ Name, place the glove on your right hand and lay the glove on your body where there is pain TONIGHT ONLY. Then, return it to me right away – in 48 hours or less!

It must be returned to me from your body. It is then that I will place my anointed hand of prayer inside.”

[his emphasis, worryingly]

Oh, and he wants another £50.

So, begging for £200 in one correspondence. And asking me to send him back a plastic glove after I’ve touched myself where it hurts.

As I say, I’m pretty sure he’s just screwing with me now. But, I’ll be sure to keep you informed of any other letters that arrive!

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0 Responses to Pop-Watch update

  1. Ash Pryce says:

    Boo. Bolding hasn’t worked it seems 😦 The rather worrying emphasis is of “from your body” and “annointed hand of prayer”. You see why I was worried….

  2. Alex Wassall says:

    This is probably childish and petulant but it made me laught when I thought of it, so sorry to lower the tone of what is a good artical but: Have you considered turning the glove inside out, touching something really gross with it, then turning it the right way round again and sending it back?

    Would that be worth $50 to anyone?

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