Skeptic News: Black Catastrophe

BBC news have reported that A Shropshire charity has designated October ‘Black Cat Awareness Month’ in a bid to rehome unwanted felines.

Black cats have long been associated in superstitions with bad luck and staff at RSPCA Gonsal Farm animal centre, in Dorrington, wonder if superstition are responsible for them being “inundated” with black cats and kittens who make up 37 of the 62 cats in their care.

They think people may be spooked by the association between black cats and bad luck, which may be particularly heightened in the run up to Halloween, and less inclined to home these poor cats who are desperately in need of homes.

A spokesperson for the charity said staff were determined to quash some of the negative myths surrounding black cats and promote them as potential pets.

Kirsty Martuccio, cattery supervisor at Gonsal Farm, said:

“We find it really sad that people often choose to rehome a cat simply on its colour as the colour of a cat makes no difference to their personality and the love they have to offer.”

She urged people living locally to visit the cattery and see some of the cats in their care.

Anyone living in the area can contact the cattery here I hope there may be some skeptical cat lovers out there who are willing to cast superstition aside and give these animals a home.

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