Skeptic News: Goth scares parents

A family in South Africa fears that their 14 year old foster daughter may have joined a “satanic cult” after finding “evil” drawings and poems in her school books.


A local priest has even warned the family that the girl may be on the brink of being lost to the devil after selling her soul to satan by writing the blasphemies in her school books. The writings were discovered after the girls school books when she went missing from their home.

One poem reads:

“Lucifer was here and now he is gone. Maybe we should try and just carry on. The devil is cool, he is fly. The beast is the apple of his eye. Satan is our king and he wears the crown. And he ain’t letting us walk with a frown… ”

“… baptised by our Lord with his dragons’ waters. We stand together as one with our father… ”

Another drawing shows Christ nailed to a cross with the words “he lied, he cried, he died” and there is also a drawing of a horned beast in red pen with the words: “Death is the only way when you feel like me.”

The Daily Voice, who reported the story, took the books to local holy man Father Mike Williams who said:

“She feels very rejected and it’s normal for young people to try and find their identity, even though one can see she’s already delved deep into this whole thing, this doesn’t mean that she’s possessed.”

Which seems a very sensible approach given there have been outbreaks of so called “Satanic panic” in the past where families were split up on spurious allegations of cult involvement. Though Williams does rather ruin this seemingly common sense approach by adding:

“We must see if she has given her soul to the devil or took part in a black mass.”

It is important to remember that teenagers can develop all sorts of fascinations with the macabre and the taboo and that this is not firm evidence of any pernicious external influence. As moral panics of this kind have caused more harm than good in the past.

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