Skeptic News: Astrology Scam.

Two residents of Calgary, Canada have been duped by a fraudster perpetrating an astrology and palm reading scam.

The victims of the scam responded to an ad in their local newspaper by an individual called “Pandit” who asked his sitters to bring with them a bag with as much cash or gold in it as they could carry in order to enhance their good luck.

Pandit then placed these bags in a “special box” and instructed his victims not to open the box for 21 days after which their good fortune would come true. However when the vicims opened the box they found only rice or newspapers.

When they attempted to confront the fraudster at his home he had vanished with their money.

It is always important to remember that there are unscrupulous individuals out there who will use peoples beliefs and faith in the supernatural to do serious damage to their wealth.


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