Skeptic News: Unlucky for some

Chiropractor  Brandon Credeur, who was being investigated by the State of Colorado, is now being sued by thirteen of his former patients.

The state previously charged Credeur with negligent chiropractic practice, false or misleading advertising, unethical advertising, ordering unnecessary tests, failing to make essential entries on patient records, or falsifying them, abandoning a patient, and performing a procedure beyond the scope of authorized services. The current lawsuit relates to allegations that he claimed to be an endocrinologist.

The lawsuit names Credeur, his wife, and all the chiropractors working in his office. It also names Creduers practice under its current name, Functional Endocrinology Center of Colorado, and previous practices names including the words  “endocrinology,” “diabetic” and “thyroid”. The secretary of state noted that the name has changed at least six times in the past three years. Creduer also runs an internet based company, where he sells marketing advice to other chiropractors.

An investigation carried out by CALL7 discovered that patients had paid thousands of dollars to seek treatment for diabetes and thyroid conditions from someone they believed to be a qualified endocrinologist. The thirteen patients are seeking damages in excess of $15,00

This is the second lawsuit filed against Credeur. The first lawsuit was filed by a woman who died before the lawsuit was settled.

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