Skeptic News: 95% certain Yeti exists

Yeti fans and Yeti scientists have been drawn to the Kermerovo region of Russia for a recent conference at which it was confirmed, by the press office of the regional administration, that the Yeti’s existence was confirmed at a level of 95%.

Researchers from Russian, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Estonia and boxer Nikolai Valuev visited the Azassky cave in the Tashtagolsky district of the Kemerovo region where the cryptid is though to reside. Representatives of the regional administration commented:

“During the mission to the Azassky Cave, the members of the conference collected conclusive evidence proving the existence of the Yeti in Mountainous Shoria. The researchers found its footprints, the supposed resting place and various markers, which Yeti use to mark their territory”

Officials reporting that scientist Anatoly Fokin also several hairs, along with some mysterious footprints, that will be laboratory analysed to decide if they belong to the Yeti. Other Yeti specialists have said that there is a resemblance between these footprints and footprints seen in Michigan in the US. Plans have been put forward by Swedish researchers to excavate the cave and look for more evidence.

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