Skeptic News: Psychic Libel

Sally Morgan, the psychic accused of cheating using an earpiece, has instructed lawyers to instigate libel proceedings against those making the allegation.

It is not yet clear what exactly Morgan is suing for or indeed who she is suing Jack Of Kent provides an excellent overview here.

Controversy arose when TV medium Psychic Sally Morgan performed at Dublins Grand Canal Theatre. Afterwards she was accused by an audience member of having information relayed to her on stage from a voice at the back of the auditorium while she was onstage.

“The first half of the show went really well but when the second half started we could clearly hear a man’s voice coming from the window behind us, everything he said, the psychic would say 10 seconds later. It was as if she was having the information relayed to her.”

Skeptics belived this was evidence that Sally had been caught out in a manner similar to Peter Popoff however others doubted the veracity of the eyewitness testimony this assumption was based on.

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