Skeptic News: Curse Con

A fraudster has been arrested by Los Angeles county sheriff officials for allegedly using fear to persuade a 12 year old girl to steal jewellery worth $10,000 from her parents.

It is alleged that “psychic” Jackeline Lopez claimed that if the girl did not steal jewellery from her parents then “horrible things” would happen to her”. The Sheriffs department released the following statement:

“Over a period of a month following the reading, suspect Lopez encouraged the victim to bring her jewelry from the victim’s home to be used in removing the curse from the victim and their family. Routinely Lopez would orchestrate a ritual in which the victim would place the stolen jewelry in the caldron and attempt to remove the curse. Each time, however, Lopez would tell the victim that what they had brought was not enough to remove the horrible curse and she needed more. This continued until the victim’s parents noticed the missing jewelry and confronted the victim on its whereabouts.”

These seances and psychic readings took part in Lopezs garage which was decked out with a variety of what can only be described as “psychic tat” candles, chalk outlines, black cauldrons and human skull replicas.

This is by no means the first case of psychic  fraud and it will by no means be the last but the age of the victim makes this alleged crime pretty callous.

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