Skeptic News: This time it really is "the end of the world"

Harold Camping has predicted another date for the end of the world and it’s coming up soon!

Camping has previously predicted that Christ would return on the 6th September 1994, that the rapture would occur on 21st of May this year and now that the world will end on October the 21st. However Camping appears to have been deserted by many of his end times disciples who had travelled across America last spring proclaiming his urgent warning to be ready when Gabriel’s horn sounds, the sky rolls away and Jesus arrives to judge the living and the dead on May 21st.

Campings explanation for the distinct lack of a rapture? It did actually happen, we just didn’t notice it. Apparently there weren’t enough righteous and pure on the Earth for us to notice any significant number of missing Christians.

Camping reportedly took the fact that his calculations were out and that the world didn’t end quite badly and made his recent prediction from a nursing home after suffering a stroke. Camping has said his company will not return money donated by followers to publicize the failed May 21 prediction, stating:

“We’re not at the end. Why would we return it?”

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