Skeptic News: Cancer Charlatans "cure" leads to death

Four people have died after undertaking a toxic alternative “treatment” for cancer.

In an inquest into the four deaths in Perth Australia, Medical Oncologist and Professor Guy Van Hazel described an alternative cancer therapy as very toxic and compared Hellfried Sartori who promoted the therapy as a “charlatan.”. He stated:

“I’d tell them to avoid it like the plague because it’s got a track record of killing four patients in this town, and presumably aided and abetted in killing at least another 20 in Australia”

Sartori has spent time behind bars for practising medicine without a license in the United States and is not registered to practice medicine in Australia. The inquest revealed that, over the telephone from Thailand, he instructed nurses to inject patients with several chemicals including an industrial solvent.

Four of those patients died within two weeks, and the other after a month.

Professor Van Hazel remarked the treatments were dangerous and unproven and should not be used as treatment no matter how hopeless patients are.

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  1. Ravi says:

    I agreed with u sir. oyu are right. Thanks for sharing.

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