Skeptic News: Bigfoot hunter takes to skies

An American man has launched an ambitious project to attempt to capture Bigfoot on film once and for all.

William Barnes believe he spotted a creature he describes as being thick and muscular, 450-500 pounds, with human-like hands and feet and “well-manicured” body hair. Despite the dark Barnes believes the creature he saw was that ever elusive cryptid Bigfoot:

“I had this thing walk down the canyon right next to my tent, it was close enough to touch. I don’t know how long it stood in front me. Time kind of froze.”

Barnes has spent the last decade researching the best way to capture evidence of Bigfoot and has determined that a remote controlled airship presents the best opportunity and is focusing on the Falcon Project. As Barnes says of this aerial endeavour:

“You can’t chase the things on the ground, they’re not going to sit there and say ‘cheese’ for you, that’s for sure.”

The airship has been designed to be silent and has a dual-body, like a catamaran, to provide stability for a gyro-mounted camera. The technologically advanced airship is still a concept as Barnes and his teammates look for an investor to fund the project.

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