Skeptic News: Unethical Chiropractor

Colorado took action against a chiropractor on Thursday of last week accusing Brandon Creduer of unethical practices after promising to treat patients for thyroid problems and diabetes. Many of Credeurs patients had been given the false impression that he was an endocrinologist.

In total chiropractor Credeur has been charged with 25 counts including: negligent chiropractic practice, false or misleading advertising, unethical advertising, ordering unnecessary tests, failing to make essential entries on patient records, or falsifying them, abandoning a patient, and performing a procedure beyond the scope of authorized services.

The charges come as a result of local Denver news channels CALL7 investigations program which exposed Credeur after many of his patients coming forward to say they had been  misled. A representative of the Colorado Medical Society suggested that patients sometimes did not understand the qualifications of those treating them however CALL7 revealed web videos of Credeur that cast doubt on his credibility and the ethics of his business model.

Credeur refers to his patients as “desperate” in one video and in another says that he is:

 “Just watching the money roll in”

Credeur’s spokesperson sent CALL7  the following statement:

 “The notice of charges represents allegations only, which are not accurate. Dr. Credeur is fully participating in the regulatory and legal processes. Now and as in the past, the Functional Endocrinology Center of Colorado operates within the law and has relied upon board guidance in its advertising and practice model, which was affirmed in 2008 and 2009. The Functional Endocrinology Center of Colorado and its chiropractors have always upheld the highest standards for care and treatment of their patients and will continue to do so. “

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners sent CALL7 the following statement:

 “The Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ mission is consumer protection. The Board invoked the disciplinary process against Dr. Brandon Credeur, D.C., by moving to revoke his chiropractic license. The Office of the Colorado Attorney General filed Notice of Charges against Credeur on September 28, 2011, in the Office of Administrative Courts. Before the Board can revoke Credeur’s chiropractic license, the law requires that Credeur receive due process, including the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence. The first court setting will be Tuesday, October 18, 2011, at which time a trial date will be set. The Board will pursue this revocation case vigorously in order to protect the citizens of the State of Colorado.”

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  2. Maia Dobson says:

    Sometimes chiropractors are misleading. They post and promote claims that are not true. Patients should have their own discretion and they should not easily believe these claims.

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