Skeptic News: Psychic Accepts Randi Challenge

A Psychic has accepted James Randis $1 million challenge in an interview live on ITV.

Psychic Leith Catherine appeared on the show to defend Sally Morgan from recent accusations that she had cheated during a life performance in Dublin in the interview she argued with magician Paul Zenon about the validity of psychics.

At the end of the interview, which was conducted today as part of ITV’s daytime programming, Zenon mentions Randis challenge and prize and Phillip Schofield asks Leith if she is up to the challenge to which she declares:

“Yeah sure, after I’ve given Paul a reading he can give me a lift to Heathrow”.

She also promised to split the winnings from the challenge with Paul “when” she won though in the video she does look a little bit unsure of what she has let herself in for. Paul Zenon is very keen that the challenge go ahead and asks if the program would be willing to provide a film crew to chart Leiths attempt.

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) currently offers a prize of one million U.S. dollars to eligible applicants who can demonstrate a supernatural ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. A list of challenge applicants can be found on the JREF forum but as of yet no one has succeeded in separating Randi from his cash.

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