Skeptic News: Psychic Detective

With the news yesterday that Project Barnum has launched today brings a call to action for Australian Skeptics.

It has been reported that a high profile TV psychic, Deb Webber of Sensing Murder, has met with friends of missing woman, Iveta Mitchell of Parmelia, and has claimed to have pinpointed an area of bushland in Serpentine where she believes Mitchells body is buried.

This psychic prediction lead to a  group of 10 of Mrs Mitchell’s friends combing the area for clues after Webber recounted a vivid description of a remote bush grave but finding nothing. Webber, a self professed “metaphysical researcher”, told Mrs Mitchells friend a Ms Nikolich that she was certain her friend had been murdered and that it was likely she met a “nasty” end. She also said she could visualise Mrs Mitchells grave and even narrowed the location down to a specific street. Ns Nikolich reported:

“She said she could see a lot of rocks, thick bush and that she was looking down on her in a ditch and she could smell timber and burning wood and carcasses, animal carcasses. There was also a mention of an old railway track and a small white cottage.”

Ms Nikolich, who claims to have been Mrs Mitchell’s best friend of 20 years, turned to the psychic as she felt she had not recieved enough information from police about the case or the whereabouts of Mrs Mitchell. Ros Weatherall a spokesperson for WA Police explained that the Major Crime Squad did not disclose details of the investigation for operational integrity, but said they had kept in frequent contact with Mrs Mitchell’s friends.

Mrs Mitchells friends spent yesterday looking for signs mentioned in the reading, covering a small area of the 6km road and Ms Nikolich said she would continue searching the dense bushland.

“She gave us a different insight and she’s given us hope we’re definitely going to use her information to look for the truth”

Webber was not reportedly paid for the “information” she gave to Ms Nikolich however the advice given does coincide with Webbers embarking on a tour of Australia this coming Friday.

Police in Australia do not generally accept help from psychics although New South Wales police have enlisted the assistance of Psychic Debbie Malone in the past. However there is no evidence to suggest she provided any evidence that assisted in solving any cases. An unnamed federal police officer was suspended for seeking advice from a clairvoyant regarding death threats made against the prime minister.

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