Skeptic News: Project Barnum

A new skeptical project has been launched today by Righteous Indignation host and paranormal researcher Hayley Stevens.

Project Barnum has been started to inform the public of the common psychological effects and trickery used by some self proclaimed psychics and mediums when they appear on stage or give private readings. The project aims to inform the public by making free resources and educational materials and in the light of recent events, where psychic Sally Morgan was accused of cheating, to put pressure on theatres to ensure that those claiming to be genuine psychics don’t use stooges or other trickery in their performances.

Project Barnum also aims to help people who feel they have been mislead by psychics and mediums.

People who have perhaps been persuaded to part with large amounts of money to pay unscrupulous mediums or psychics like Madam Melina, aka Sabrina Evon, who extorted thousands from here clients in order to “fight evil”. Or cases like that of Sylvia Browne who told Pam and Craig Akers their kidnapped child was dead when in fact he was alive.

Not to mention there is something distasteful about people exploiting the bereaved to pretend to talk to their deceased loved ones.

The Twenty-First Floor hopes that skeptics will take the time to support the efforts of project Barnum and recognise that there is a dark side to psychic performances and it is not simply entertainment to pretend to contact the dead.

If you have any Skeptic News you can submit it here.

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