Skeptics News: Fake ID

To your left is a slide that Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer received from a concerned parent  in the Dallas Independent School District. It was downloaded as part of an educational resource on the cell from the  the district’s Curriculum Central website where it had been available to teachers and administrators until yesterday morning.
The rest of the Powerpoint dealt with Cell Theory describing such figures as Robert Hooke (who coined the word cell) and Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (the man who created the microscope) and makes reference to cell theory. All in all what you might expect from an educational resource . However the slide to the left rounds off the presentation stating that cells are:
“one of the strongest cases for intelligent design by our Creator God!”
The Powerpoint was originally created by Jim Sullivan of Cells Alive! but was then altered to include the creationist slide before it initially appeared on the The World of Teaching website before it was sent home for further review by a teacher. During this review the parent realised that the presentation included “intelligent design” in an educational resource designed for the science classroom. This caused something of a stir among parents in the school district and lead to the leaking of the slide to the press.
This lead to Wilonsky contacting district spokesman Jon Dahlander to investigate and lead to the deletion of the presentation from the Curriculum Central website and a directive was sent out yesterday stating:
“curriculum directors have been reminded to review their quality control system, as well as to review all links on the Curriculum Central. We were very disappointed to see it there, and it was removed immediately.”
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0 Responses to Skeptics News: Fake ID

  1. Jim Sullivan says:

    The controversial Intelligent Design PPT mentioned in this article was falsely attributed to me. I have denied any involvement, and the original blog post has been so amended. I suspect whoever created the PPT copied material along with an attached credit line from my website and distributed it without my permission.

  2. I have altered the above to reflect this.


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