Skeptic News: Chris Guider and Scientology

Former Australian rugby league player and now former Scientologist  Chris Guider has spoken out about his alleged mistreatment at the hands of David Miscavige, pictured left, head of the international Church Of Scientology.

The former rugby league star, who gave up a promising career to work for the Church, has claimed that he had seen Miscavige beat his staff members and described him as a “violent and toxic man” in an interview with ABC’s Lateline. He has also raised questions about how the Church treats it’s staff by saying in his two and a half years working for them they seized his passport and his credit card and paid him as little as $2 a week.

The Church has denied the claims stating that  the allegations were a lie and providing two sworn declarations from Scientologists Mark Yager and Mark Ingber, claiming that David Miscavige did not hit Mark Fisher. The Churches statement, received in an email to Lateline, also stated that a small group of anti-Scientologists were feeding stories to the tabloid press to generate controversy. The church describes them a posse of lunatics led by a media whore.

Chris Guilder has also expressed the belief in his Lateline interview that Miscavige should not be the leader of a worldwide religious organisation:

I found out that the leader of the church right now, David Miscavige, is basically a very toxic person. It’s not about people’s lives and helping other people, of being a beneficial program for other people. It’s not about that. It’s about control and it’s about getting money.

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