Skeptic News: UFOs on the Mount?

In January of this year a video was taken in Israel which claims to capture a UFO flying over the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount.

The video quickly went “viral” and was picked up by news networks around the world however new information uncovered by Israeli TV Channel 10 investigator Nitay Elboim has shed new doubt on their authenticity.

The video attracted such international notoriety as Eligael Gadliovich, the film-maker and actor who shot the first video, was not the only person who claimed to have viewed a UFO that night. Three teenagers also reported filming what they said was the same object. However Nitay discovered during his investigations that an Gadliovich has links with Golan Ardiv a film teacher, who has acted in his movies, how happens to teach at the same school as the teenagers who shot the second video

Just a coincidence? To investigate further Elboim put his allegations to Gadliovich over the phone and reports:

Eligael was very cryptic in the call. When asked if this was all a coincidence, Eligael said he did not believe in coincidences and suggested that these connections may not be a coincidence

Ardiv, the school teacher, has since admitted he knows the teenagers who recorded the second video but at first denied any association.

Channel ten in Israel have taken this deception as evidence enough to consider the UFO footage to be unreliable and likely a hoax.

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