Skeptics News: Risks of not vaccinating

NBC Miami  reports that vaccination rates are dropping in a number of Miami countys leading to a small spike in infection rates and deaths from normally preventable illnesses. Immunization rates dropped from around 95% to 79% last year in Miami-Dade County and rates in Broward county are also falling.

As the vaccination rates drop infection rates are starting to rise which puts kids at risk for measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, and the flu.

Americas Center for Disease Control undertook a survey of parents who were suspicious of vaccination and found that  27% felt too many shots are recommended, 26% were unsure vaccinations worked, 25% percent believed it might cause autism, and 24% percent were concerned about possible side effects.

These concerns have likely arisen, in part at least, because of the scaremongering and campaigns of misinformation from organisations such as Age of Autism and Jenny McCarthys Generation Rescue.

The website Jenny McCarthy body-count rather starkly indicates the impact of promoting and spreading anti-vax myths by reporting the numbers of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths in the US. While it’s perhaps unfair to lay the blame for all of these at McCarthys door herself and the rest of the anti-vaxers need to take some measure of responsibility for the damage they are wrecking upon children.

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