Skeptics News: Deportation for miracle man

A Kenyan Evangelist who claimed to be able to create miracle pregnancies through the power of prayer is to be deported to face child abduction charges.

The Peckham based evangelist Gilbert Deya has been fighting the action since 2007 claiming that deportation would breach his human rights. It is alleged that Deya was involved in the abduction of five children between 1999 and 2004.

Mr Deya has claimed that “through the power of prayer and the Lord Jesus” he has helped sterile women give birth. In the UK, one woman is claimed to have had three children in less than a year. The women travelled to Kenya in order to “give birth”.

Mr Deya’s wife, Eddah, has previously been arrested and charged with stealing a child from  hospital. Kenyan police have also previously raided Mr Deya’s house in Nairobi and found 10 children, none of whom had any genetic connection to the Deya family.

Twenty of Mr Deya’s “miracle babies” have been taken into care in Kenya after DNA tests showed they had no genetic connection to their mothers.

Deya has exhausted all avenues of appeal with the home office.

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