Skeptic News: Backyard Bigfoot

A women in Ohio has reported that Bigfoot is living in her backyard.

Bigfoot sightings are mostly concentrated in the pacific Northwest though Ohio itself is also something of a sasquatch hotspot and now in Londonderry, Ohio a woman known only as Sherry is claiming she has one in her backyard.

Sherry is described as a colorful woman who likes animals and claims that she first encountered Bigfoot in 2003 when she heard wood knocking. This rather startled Sherry and  somewhat afraid she reports staying in the house for quite some time before heading out to encounter an ape like cryptid. Sherry reports that she was initially cautious of the creature but after conducting some research on the large biped, she reports becoming more comfortable.

Claiming to have Witnessed Bigfoot on several occasions, Sherry contacted the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (BFRO) which eventually led to the interview that can be found here courtesy of the Ghost Theory Blog.

Without wishing to seem unfair to Sherry the interview doesn’t in our view suggest that she or her family are the most reliable of witnesses.

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