Skeptics News: Cardiff Skeptics first birthday.

By Alice Sheppard

A year ago, Wales had no Skeptics in the Pub groups. Today it has three: Cardiff, Swansea and Aberystwyth. Cardiff was set up by Dean Burnett and Alice Sheppard in September 2010, with Simon Perry as the first speaker.

On Monday 19th September we’ll be celebrating our first birthday (OK, OK, our actual birthday is the 20th, but we go by Mondays so it’s the closest we can get . . .). It’ll be at 7:30pm at the usual pub, The Promised Land, just off Queen Street, with an elephant on the wall. The speakers will be David Allen Green, also known as Jack of Kent, and John Dixon, also known as the one who dared to say Stupid Scientology.

We hope people in and near Cardiff will come along to help us celebrate – Dean has some ideas for extra fun that evening – and, with a bit of luck, there’ll also be birthday cake. Thank you to all our speakers and all our audiences for coming along and keeping us going. It’s been a great year and we hope to have many more!
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