Event: Skeptics on the Fringe

After a highly successful first year in 2010 the longest free festival of science and skepticism in the UK (possibly the world) be back in August 2011 for another three weeks of skepticism, science and critical thinking. This is one of the most ambitious projects in UK skepticism and was recently described as PZ Myers as:

Edinburgh will be hosting Skeptics on the Fringe in August — three solid weeksof skeptical events. Danger! All of your illusions will be scoured away, the flamethrower of reason will turn all your generous delusions to ash, the bones of reality will be unclothed and exposed…I expect people will come staggering out of Scotland at the end of August with eyes like lasers, burning with the unholy light of truth unmasked. Someone might want to alert the local fire department.

Popular comedy panel show with a science and skepticism twist Devil’s Advocate will return for a second series and At The Fringe of Reason (like a SitP every night of the week) also returns as do a number of special one off events such as the popular Skeptical Ghost tour of the royal mile…


That’s not all – there will also be a childrens show, another walking tour and two special shows at the Royal Observatory!

A full listing of events can be found at www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk and direct links are given below:


At the Fringe of Reason

Devils Advocate S2


WEEK 1. How to be a Psychic Conman- Secrets of the Psychics

WEEK 2. Stand Back! I’m Gonna try Science!

WEEK 3. Declan Dineen Lies for money


Two evening of wonders at the Royal Observatory


Ghost Busted (walking tour)

Medical Misdemanours (walking tour)


  • Information on accommodation can be found here.
  • information on travelling to and around Edinburgh can be found here.

Running Saturday 6th – Saturday 27th August 2011.

See www.skepticsonthefringe.co.uk for the latest details.


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0 Responses to Event: Skeptics on the Fringe

  1. Paul says:

    Why did no-one organise anything like this BEFORE I left Edinburgh to travel the world teaching English? Dashed inconsiderate if you ask me…

  2. We did this last year you know… 😉

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