Except for viewers in Scotland

By Keir Liddle

CEEFAX was announced in October 1972 and following test transmissions in 1973-74 the CEEFAX system went live on 23 September 1974 with thirty pages of information. Developed by BBC engineers who were working on ways of providing televisual subtitles for the deaf, it was the first teletext system in the world. The technology soon became the standard European teletext system and replaced other standards.

But now as all of Scotland has moved over to digital television CEEFAX is no more available North of the Border through your TV. CEEFAX fans will still be able to get an occassional fix on BBC2 at the weekend when pages from CEEFAX may occasionally appear. The more hardened CEEFAX fans can also resort to using the internet for their CEEFAX fix.

CEEFAX provided news, views and a whole lot more through your television set in a comforting pixelated fashion. Sure sharper pictures and an endless array of channels offering seemingly endless repeats is kinda neat but I think I’m a little sad to see it go.

Farewell CEEFAX you’ll be missed.

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