From DNA to JSA

This week has seen news that the government’s Forensic Science Service is to be among the numerous victims of Osborne’s miserly machete. The service, which employs 1200 people, is to cease operating by 2012. Its tenure as the leading supplier of forensic services to police forces in the UK has not passed without controversy; although it has been instrumental in the securing of convictions in high profile cases such as those of the M25 rapist and Ipswich serial killer Steve Wright, its techniques were questioned in the Omagh bomb trial and it was investigated for neglecting important evidence in the case of Damilola Taylor.

Dario blogs juicily at “Remain Indoors”

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0 Responses to From DNA to JSA

  1. Hehe, love it, although why’s he wearing 2 sets of sunglasses?

  2. Dario says:

    As Keir’s mentioned, it’s a meme making fun of David Caruso’s cheesy one-liner delivery at the start of each CSI episode. The original template for it, however, included a mistake where he’s wearing two sunglasses which nobody bothered fixing, so I’ve used that as a wee allusion to it.

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