"Inspired By The Science Of Genes"

Dear L’Oreal,

Fuck off.


The 21st Floor

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0 Responses to "Inspired By The Science Of Genes"

  1. Dario says:

    “Inspired by” = “Inspired to capitalise upon popularity of”.

  2. Frank says:

    Hehe, did you read the article by Emily Pritchard in the last issue of EUSci?

    http://www.eusci.org/issues/Issue%206%20May%202010.pdf (page 21)

  3. Only just noticed this. Everytime I see that advert, I feel the urge to break something.

  4. Lisa-Marie says:

    It’s really bad grammar too. It should be ‘the scientific study of genes’ or ‘the science of genetics’. Bad grammar annoys me.

  5. Nicholas Johnson says:

    My wife doesn’t understand why I get so upset about this 🙂

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