Iceland Volcano – What Really Happened?

by Boris Cockpop

If you’ve been flying on a plane today you will have noticed one striking difference from all other occasions where you were flying on a plane – you weren’t flying on a plane at all! This is, we’re told, due to an enormous volcano which is belching out smoke composed of glass and stones right up into the sky where it’s floating around like an enormous sky-ghost ready to destroy any planes that attempt to invade its personal space.

The official story is suspicious to say the least. If you’re in any doubt, go out into your garden, grab a bunch of stones and glass and throw them up into the air. You’ll immediately notice one thing: stones and glass don’t float.

So what is really going on?

Thankfully, an international think-tank exists to get to the bottom of mysterious matters of international scope. These fearless intellects will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind world-shaping events.

One of our heroes, going by the codename “DynamicWiseman” suggests that the supposed geological phenomenon is in fact…

A plan to lure Russia in attacking the UK, Russia sees that the UK air defence grid is shut down so can easily attack UK with little resistance. If this happens the MAN will blame ethnic minorities, thus fulfilling his dream of a race war and a war with the bear. Check as Russia killed off a pro American president in Poland last week. There are a lot of intelligent black people under attack kept form achieving their aspirations locked out of the economy forced to beg and stuck in one place.

Interesting. According to RusticFormer there may be a more natural explanation:

I believe that if we look at CYMATICS we will find our answers.
Our earths frequency is changing and becoming higher.
In cymatics when the frequency is turned up the geometric form will remain the same untill hits a certain pitch. At that point the geometric form will suddenly change to a more complex form. In between these two forms there will be chaos and destruction. This I believe is what we are going through now.

And my advise is to put your energy into grounding yourselves to resonate with the earth’s new higher frequency’s. If you do this you will have smooth and joyful transition.

On the other hand you could try holding a lower vibration by living in fear and you transition will be painful.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be putting my energy into grounding myself with the Earth’s new higher frequencies. I try to make a point of doing this anyway, but in between feeding the dog and taking the kids to school, it’s easy to forget. Better safe than sorry, though, so I’ve stuck up post-it notes on the bathroom mirror as a gentle reminder to myself. I suggest you do the same.

However, prudent as it is to consider our vibrational wellbeing, it may not prove immediately necessary. Plenty of our tireless saviours have hypothesised that perhaps the powers that be have tried to blow up Iceland due to their monetary mismanagement:

iceland did piss off the EU in the financial crisis and owes it billions,

maybe something was dropped into the volcano to destroy the country.

Has anyone commented on the odd coincidence that soon after Iceland tells the bankers to get lost, they get hit by a crippling volcano?

Haukipesukone, however, interjects to point out that the nefarious and murderous plan may be directed at more than just our Northerly neighbours!

Some plan to mass poison people with the fluoride?

It’s interesting to note, however, that the reptilian World Government may have accidentally shat in their own nest if such plans are true. As Lauren Almighty and TooTrue point out, all this atmospheric debris may interfere with the ongoing plans to poison us all with CHEMTRAILS!:

I noticed that the sky was perfectly blue today. There wasn’t a cloud or chemtrail in sight! I didn’t think anything of it though.

Interesrting if the ash is going to affect chemtrail planes as well!

The plane-free skies also represent a fine opportunity to throw a spanner in the sceptical works. With all their nazi-like demands for “decent” evidence:

PLEASE someone get a decent ufo shot tonight. I wanna hear what the skeptics say with a decent one presented to them. Something like….
“Its probably some of the volcano ash which has congealed together causing a spark of light and a triangular formation that shoots past at 1000mph”

As an interesting tangent, some of the academics became (as academics are wont to do) sidetracked by debate on intriguing but only loosely related topics, such as the physical properties of water:

People need to stop saying that the UK will be under water if the ice caps melt.

Here’s a little experiment for you. Go fill a glass with water, and put some ice cubes in. Wait for the ice to melt. Does the glass overflow? No. Because the mass in the ice reduces as it melts into water.

Just another example of sheeple brainwashing instead of using common sense.

Interesting thought.

When water freezes it expands. therefore when it melts it looses volume.

Could this mean the opposite will happen and we will see more land

Food for thought for all of us there.

Don’t think it’s all doom and volcanic-cloud induced gloom, however. There are those among this studious elite who take the view that the events of the past few days may be no cause for concern at all:

My intuitive feeling about the volcano eruption is that the lands receiving the ash have telepathically asked Iceland for the ash, because they need the energy that the ash can give. I believe that the ash carry an energy that is positive and healing to the nature and land of the countries receiving it, and that nature in these areas has telepathically asked for it. Remember: all of nature is one.

Then of course Illuminati makes the best of the situation, and takes the opportunity to test their powers, cancel flights, perhaps a little more than what would in reality be needed, and to study the reaction.

Also, the consequential flooding in Iceland can be seen as positive, as it may naturalize the landscape, remove human structures and make the landscape more beautiful, which may make people appreciate nature more.

Also, all those people who have to wait for their flight will get an opportunity to meditate in the chaos and connect to their inner self, which is positive.

Then the ash will also make the sunset more beautiful. So I can only see positive effects. Perhaps people will sit in the sunset meditating!

However, for my humble money, the best explanation (and I don’t want to give the impression that I am challenging any of these scholars) is perhaps to be found here:

Airports in Finland have been shut down too. I can’t believe it’s due to one volcano. It sounds ridiculous. Something big is happening I bet. Maybe they’re landing a gigantic cloaked mothership and can’t have plains flying around that might hit it.

Well, there you have it. The view from inside the minds of the most learned and observant among us. I think it’s safe to conclude that, for now, we know nothing about what has caused the chaos of the last few days apart from the fact that it certainly wasn’t just a volcano which has went off, sending lots of volcanic debris into the air with the unfortunate side effect of making the skies above Europe unsafe for air-travel. The official story, ladies and gentlemen, is just far too silly.

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  1. Could it perhaps, oh great bastion of truth, have been sexmice?

  2. Dario says:

    Iceland > Ickeland.

  3. If anyone is genuinely looking to find out what happened they should have a look at our other article:

  4. Taxi Driver says:

    So this is what really happenend

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