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Bad Argument of the Week VIII

Watch out, Attenborough’s about! University of East Anglia lecturer Dr Brett Mills has suggested that the ‘right to privacy’ needs to be extended to animals to protect them from those pesky media vampires: wildlife documentary film-makers!

The 21st Floor drags Dario Battisti out of his natural habitat, to peer intrusively into the illogical depths of this week’s Bad Argument. Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

This week’s cartoon From Dario Battisti… Continue reading

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Dr Sarah Myhill's License Restricted By GMC

The General Medical Council has delivered an interim order on the license of the controversial GP, Dr Sarah Myhill. We provide a summary of their verdict. Continue reading

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Mountains Out of Myhills?

Today the General Medical Council (GMC) will be holding an interim orders panel (IOP) to explore to allegations made against Dr Sarah Myhill relating to inappropriate advice and information being given to patients. Continue reading

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Quick, Hide Behind The Sofa!

From Daleks to Klingons, science fiction has paraded a host of terrifying and warlike aliens before us: now famous scientist Stephen Hawking has a dire warning for us. Should we pay heed and start crouching behind the sofa from the threat of real aliens? Continue reading

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The Skin and Bones of the Matter

Sharks are much maligned as the killers of the deep, from “Jaws” to “Deep Blue Sea”, they are seen as nothing more than killing machines lurking and waiting in the depths for us.

However, they are also misused in the Far East as a delicacy and also in shark fin soup. The 21st Floor explores the issues. Continue reading

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Enlightenment 2 – Tiny Physics

Our “Enlightenment” series of podcasts continues. We travel to the other end of the size spectrum to look at the building blocks of reality itself, from Rutherford’s experiments in atomic theory to the Large Hadron Collider.

We speak to Oxford University professor of physics Frank Close, quantum theory physicist and popular science author Marcus Chown, and the ‘rock doctor’ Mark Lewney, who communicates string theory via the medium of RAWK guitar. Continue reading

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