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Psychobabble: Medicalising rape?

Does a new proposed diagnostic category for the DSM-5 medicalise rape or at least medicalise rape fantasy? Continue reading

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Stop The Scottish NHS Funding "Magic Water"

An article in the Glasgow Evening times reports that spokespeople for the Scottish Government and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have stated that Gartnavel Homeopathic hosptial will retain NHS funding. Despite the recent House of Commons Select committees damning report on homeopathy and the vast weight of scientific evidence that shows it is no better than a placebo.

This is not good enough – NHS patients deserve to recieve real treatment. We encourage you to write to your MSP and protest this decision. Continue reading

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Evidence Checkmate

This week’s cartoon from Dario Battisti Continue reading

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Oh Deer… What Can The Matter Be?

Many of us in the skeptical and science communities will think well of Brian Deer – for his great work as an investigative journalist exposing Wakefield and the MMR scandal. However do recent comments made on Australian radio show that perhaps he holds some similar prejudices and misunderstandings of how science works and is published that seem depressingly common among journalists? Continue reading

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Is The Tide High For Homeopathy?

Today sees the publication of the select committee’s report on homeopathy.
Here we collate some of the best reporting on this from the blogosphere (if we have missed your take on the report please let us know in the comments) and we respond to Princes Charles “Foundation for Integrative health” press release.
Specifically to the idea that lying to your patients is more dignified than seeking evidence based treatments for them. Continue reading

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Murphy's Law

If anything can go wrong it will go wrong. Barring server crashes and this post mysteriously deleting itself whilst being published we present to you a sideways glance at Murphys law. Which if you hold scientists to be overly serious and humourless bores may go some way to convince you otherwise (hopefully anyway). Continue reading

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Psychobabble: Extreme racism

Keir Liddle explores one of the disorders suggested for inclusion in the DSM-5 Continue reading

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